Compare Acura TL Engines

Whilst you purchased an automobile or just wanted to get it done, the primary thing that you may want to make clear is the Acura TL engine features. What do the sum of the statistics concerning the hp and torque spell? Seems like a job for our specialists.

To get a nicer understanding of the Acura TL engine system, we have the desire to plunge into some postulated slants. The kernel of your car is factually its engine. Such a puzzling machine must deal with the gross workload and that is why every Acura TL comes with an engine with a strong composition. Every single engine is created of 2 elements - the engine body and cylinder head. Hence, all car fans have to know that every car has manifold engine templates (straight, v-8, and horizontally-opposed engines), still the most common for trucks, SUVs, and cars are a straight engine layout, as long as it is compact and potent. It is vital to learn so as you recognize how your own peculiar Acura TL drives. Moreover, when seeking the vehicle`s engine requirements, a car enthusiast has to pay attention to the intent behind purchasing.


What engine is in an Acura TL?

3.5 L J35Z6 (280 hp) V6 / 3.7 L J37A4 (305 hp) V6

Are Acura engines made by Honda?

Hartford drivers often ask us, “Does Honda make Acura?” The answer is yes! Honda, the parent company, launched Acura in 1986. When Honda introduced its luxury brand to the U.S., it was originally known as Channel II. Today the Acura brand is as world-renowned as the Honda brand.

Is the Acura TL a Honda Accord?

In terms of basic cost, the Honda Accord is more affordable than the Accura TL. The Honda Accord is more fuel efficient than the Accura TL. The Accura TL comes standard with all the necessary features, additions, and interior trims, while these will have to be added to the Honda Accord at an additional expense.

What kind of engine does an Acura have?

  • 2.0L Turbocharged 4-cylinder 272 Horsepower A-Spec®;
  • 2.0L Turbocharged 4-cylinder 272 Horsepower Technology;
  • 2.0L Turbocharged 4-cylinder 272 Horsepower TLX;

Is the Acura TL a fast car?

The top speed of the Acura TL tops out at a scorching 150 mph, which is almost scary fast. The source of power for the Acura TL comes through one of two engine options, depending on the model year of the car: 280-hp, 3.5-liter V-6. 305-hp, 3.7-liter V-6.

Is Acura better than Honda?

From a quality and safety perspective either option is essentially the same. The main difference comes down to luxury, power, and price. If you are looking for something more affordable, the Honda is the better choice. If you are looking for something luxurious and fast, the Acura is a better choice.

Are Acuras basically Hondas?

Acura is a branch of Honda, albeit one with its own merits. While the history of Honda shows an automaker providing a wide range of everyday vehicles, Acura was used to break into the luxury car market.

Are Acura engines the same as Honda?

And since Acura and Honda are very closely linked, most of these technologies are used for both brands. For example, the Honda Pilot and the Acura MDX share the same platform and engine (as well as the nine-speed transmission on the Pilot Touring).

What is the best Acura engine?

With praise for its power, performance, and refinement, the double overhead cam 1.5-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine powering the 2023 Acura Integra has received a “Wards 10 Best Engines & Propulsion Systems” award from the experts at WardsAuto, an industry-leading automotive research, and intelligence resource since ...

What is the strongest Acura engine?

Building on a lineage of driver-focused refinement, the all-new TLX Type S is the most powerful Acura sedan ever engineered. A dual-scroll turbo V-6 engine delivers an estimated 355-HP and 354 lb-ft of highly responsive torque.

Is Acura a quality car?

Acura is among the most reliable car brands for 2022.

The Consumer Reports 2022 list ranked 28 automakers with three luxury car brands landing inside the top 10. Lexus took home the title at number one, INFINITI came in at number four, and Acura earned the number eight spot.

Does Acura make good engines?

For their class, Acura's engines and transmissions are smooth, quiet, and good on gas. So, how well do Acuras perform? Most Acura cars are better than average regarding handling, ride comfort, and overall performance.

Are Acura motors good?

Acura cars are some of the most reliable on the market. According to, they rank 2nd out of 32 car brands on the market. It also ranked 4.0 out of 5.0 on the Acura reliability rating. You can expect to be able to drive an Acura around for a decent amount of time without having to head in for repairs.

Who makes Acura engines?

From blistering-fast coupes such as the NSX to the plush RLX luxury sedan, Acura has produced a long line of premium vehicles over the years. Every model promises to deliver a high level of performance. Honda is responsible for manufacturing all of Acura's famed engines.

Can Acura have VTEC?

Acura has two turbocharged four-cylinder VTEC® engines.

Is Acura a high-end Honda?

Acura is widely considered to be a luxury brand — the premium lineup of Honda. Their vehicles contain premium materials, advanced technology, upscale design, and high-end performance. So, if you're looking for a luxury car or SUV, you'll likely come across options from Acura.

How long will an Acura engine last?

You can expect an Acura to last between 250,000 and 300,000 miles and at least 16 years. luxury vehicle division is known for reliability. In RepairPal's most recent vehicle reliability study, Acura ranked 2nd out of all car brands—not just the luxury ones.

Where are Acura engines made?

Acura also manufactures in East Liberty, Ohio, and Anna and Russells Point. The Anna plant makes the engines and drivetrain components. The Marysville plant makes the Acura ILX and TLX. It is also where you'll find the Acura performance manufacturing center and where they produce the Acura NSX supercar.