2014 Acura TL Owners Manual - Fog Lights, Instrument Panel Brightness

Fog Lights, Instrument Panel Brightness

Fog Lights

Turn the fog lights on and off by turning the switch next to the headlight switch.

You can use the fog lights only when the headlights are on low beam.

With the light switch in the AUTO position, you can also use the fog lights when the headlights turn on automatically. They will go off when the headlights turn off.

Instrument Panel Brightness

Adjust the brightness of the instrument panel by pressing the or button with the ignition switch in the ON (II) position. Press the button to increase the brightness and the button to decrease it.

*:Models equipped with the keyless access system have an engine start/stop button instead of an ignition switch. ON Mode is the equivalent of ON (II). For more information.

The level of brightness is shown on the multi-information display while you adjust it. It goes out 5 seconds after you finish adjusting.

To reduce glare at night, the instrument panel illumination dims when you turn the light switch to or . To cancel the glare reduction function, set the brightness to the highest level, then press the button. You will hear a beep when it is canceled.

When the brightness reaches the maximum level, ‘‘BRIGHTNESS MAXIMUM LEVEL’’ appears on the display.

If your vehicle is equipped with the navigation system, the navigation system screen will also go to full brightness. This can be helpful when using the headlights during daylight hours.

Hazard Warning Button

Push the button between the center vents to turn on the hazard warning lights (four-way flashers). This causes all four outside turn signals and both indicators in the instrument panel to flash. Use the hazard warning lights if you need to park in a dangerous area near heavy traffic, or if your vehicle is disabled.

Rear Window Defogger

The rear window defogger clears fog, frost, and thin ice from the window. Push the defogger button to turn it on and off. The indicator in the button comes on to show the defogger is on. If you do not turn it off, the defogger will shut itself off within about 10 to 30 minutes according to the outside temperature. It also shuts off when you turn off the ignition switch, or set the power mode to VEHICLE OFF (LOCK) on models with keyless access system. You have to turn it on again when you restart the vehicle.

Make sure the rear window is clear and you have good visibility before starting to drive.

The defogger wires on the inside of the rear window can be accidentally damaged. When cleaning the glass, always wipe side-to-side.

Pushing this button also turns the mirror heaters on or off. For more information.

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